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Europa Cosplay Cup #3 Created by France Cosplay and Toulouse Game Show
December 1, 2024 - MEETT, Toulouse (FRANCE)
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Sponsorship .


European Cosplay Cup (E2C) .

France Cosplay, which is behind this projet, is a non-profit organisation, is composed of members who experience in cosplay contest organisation in France, Belgium and Switzerland for over 10 years. France Cosplay organise the French Cosplay Cup, an annual competition which promote Cosplay and the Cosplay community in France.

Toulouse Game Show will host the final of the Europa Cosplay Cup which will take place in 2023 in the brand new Toulouse Exhibition Centre. This event is organised by TGS Events since 2007 in Toulouse (3rd geek event in France).

Toulouse Game Show is an event which brings together enthusiasts around the themes of video games, manga, sci-fi, comics and fantasy worlds. It is a complete and varied event, with concerts, shows, conferences, video games, meetings with prestigious guests and much more.

About cosplay, in addition to traditional contests organised every year, TGS Events has already welcomed the final of 5 seasons of the French Cosplay Cup and the French selections of several prestigious international cosplay selections.

As organizers of the French Cosplay Cup, we think that the atmosphere and the friendly interactions before, during and after the competition, which are the heart of the competition, should be transmitted to a European contest.
This new competition is set up to promote Cosplay and the Cosplay community in Europe, but also to give the cosplayers a chance to meet and share with others.
Creating incredible memories and new bounds, they will be able to perform in France, on an incredible stage where they will show their skills to the world.
An exceptional event, not to be missed !

For the third edition, we will ask around twenty events in Europe that will choose a representative during one of the Cosplay contests they will organise to represent their country (one event per country). All the selected representatives will then be invited by France Cosplay and TGS Events to participate in the Final. The podium will win cash prizes and will be offered a jury place for the next edition.
The winner will become a true ambassor of Cosplay in Europe and will have the chance to travel in European events to share his passion through the world!

All about the contest

Rules .


For the selections, please consult directly the rules of the partner event.
For the Season 3 final, please consult our rules here.

If you have an urgent question, please contact us by email at and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Why some countries are not represented?

Despite our best efforts, it is difficult to find agreements with certain events (problem of dates or infrastructure).

However, the events of unrepresented contries can contact us if they want to take part in future editions. We will study their applications carefully.

What are the conditions to participate in selections?

Please refer to the rules of the contest.


Prizes .

1st Place

  • 2000 euros cashprize
  • A place of jury for the final season 3

2nd Place

  • 1000 euros cashprize
  • A place of jury for the final season 3

3rd Place

2nd Runner-up
  • 500 euros cashprize
  • A place of jury for the final season 3

Public's Choice

  • 250 euros cashprize

Best costume

  • 250 euros cashprize

Best performance

  • 250 euros cashprize
European representatives

Finalists .

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